The forces in play

Once a fastening system is closed, it’s closed. Obviously. But we are talking about fastening systems that must be opened and closed. And these systems have particular forces – hold, opening, etc. Let’s explain everything in order, otherwise it becomes complicated. You should know that to hang a painting, fix a panel to the ceiling, … Continue reading The forces in play

Mushrooms can hold some real surprises

In the article mushrooms, hooks and loops we’ve already told you how the holding power of a fastener changes according to the product it is used on. Today’s article looks again at the world of “mushrooms”, not only because it’s the right season, but above all because closures with this shape offer the opportunity to create fasteners … Continue reading Mushrooms can hold some real surprises

Mushrooms, hooks and loops

Of course, speaking of mushrooms in a blog that deals with technical fastening systems may seem a bit strange. But perhaps not everyone knows that the world of hook and loop fasteners is divided essentially into three macro-categories: the hook and loop fastener, developed for opening and closing numerous times (even up to 5000 times); the … Continue reading Mushrooms, hooks and loops