The Duotec® fasteners: a perfect click-lock

A single component fastening system with the characteristic mushroom-shaped structure that closes with a click-lock action, exactly like a press-stud. A rapid and precise snap-in solution that ensures a strong fastening. Fire retardant versions To have more information about Duotec® fasteners, download the free digital brochure here >> Digital Duotec® Brochure Watch the video on our Vimeo channel … Continue reading The Duotec® fasteners: a perfect click-lock

Midi-Duotec® – In medio stat virtus

The right measure is in the middle! We all know Duotec®, our flagship product for panel fastening. However, following huge demand from our customers, we created a product with different technical characteristics in terms of thickness and grip. In fact, this product is intended for applications where Duotec® is oversized. The difference between the two … Continue reading Midi-Duotec® – In medio stat virtus


The main problem is that there are too many panels: sound insulating, thermal insulating, wooden, rock, polyurethane, polystyrene, multi-layered and sandwich-shaped coverings, ornamental and backlit panels, the list could go on forever. Each one of them having particular thickness, stance and positional characteristics according to their future use: some are meant for furniture, others are … Continue reading Panel-Fixing

The forces in play

Once a fastening system is closed, it’s closed. Obviously. But we are talking about fastening systems that must be opened and closed. And these systems have particular forces – hold, opening, etc. Let’s explain everything in order, otherwise it becomes complicated. You should know that to hang a painting, fix a panel to the ceiling, … Continue reading The forces in play

The fascinating world of adhesives, first episode: Acrylic Adhesives

The topic of adhesive is truly complex. All of us have experienced the frustration of attaching a self-adhesive hook and loop fastener and see it detach immediately or after a few openings. This is just the “first episode”. Others will follow which, over time, will teach you, perhaps not to fascinate you but at least give … Continue reading The fascinating world of adhesives, first episode: Acrylic Adhesives