Klettostar® Super. Super? In what way?

Yes, even the hook of a hook and loop tape can be SUPER! Indeed, if we look closely at the photo, you can immediately see something different: the hook tape is not simply black like the ones we usually know, but black and white! And so, you’ll say. And so, this is the difference:   Klettostar® Super … Continue reading Klettostar® Super. Super? In what way?

NOT all hook and loop fasteners are the same

Certainly, quality is important. But why do we have to worry about the quality of a hook and loop fastener? Simply because when you use one of low or, worse, almost inexistent quality, you’ll soon realise it! The first thing you’ll notice is that initially the fastener seems excellent and in order the peeling and … Continue reading NOT all hook and loop fasteners are the same

Mushrooms, hooks and loops

Of course, speaking of mushrooms in a blog that deals with technical fastening systems may seem a bit strange. But perhaps not everyone knows that the world of hook and loop fasteners is divided essentially into three macro-categories: the hook and loop fastener, developed for opening and closing numerous times (even up to 5000 times); the … Continue reading Mushrooms, hooks and loops

Duotec® – How it’s made

It may look like a crocodile’s mouth when magnified, but it’s a very technical product… Duotec® is a single-component fastener (like a snap fastener that closes with a “Click”), which is available with different high-performance adhesives. Do you know which is its most widespread application? Fastening panels or electronic devices. Follow us, we will publish many … Continue reading Duotec® – How it’s made