Midi-Duotec® – In medio stat virtus

The right measure is in the middle! We all know Duotec®, our flagship product for panel fastening. However, following huge demand from our customers, we created a product with different technical characteristics in terms of thickness and grip. In fact, this product is intended for applications where Duotec® is oversized. The difference between the two … Continue reading Midi-Duotec® – In medio stat virtus

Gecko®: applications

We already wrote a lot about this incredible product. We told you that it has 29.000 fastening elements per cm², that it is made of medical-grade silicone, washable and reusable, that it works like a magnet but on every kind of surface: smooth surfaces, metals, glass, plastic, marble etc.  Furthermore, it doesn’t leave any residue … Continue reading Gecko®: applications


The main problem is that there are too many panels: sound insulating, thermal insulating, wooden, rock, polyurethane, polystyrene, multi-layered and sandwich-shaped coverings, ornamental and backlit panels, the list could go on forever. Each one of them having particular thickness, stance and positional characteristics according to their future use: some are meant for furniture, others are … Continue reading Panel-Fixing

Gecko® Nanoplast®

Even Spiderman would be interested in the latest creation in the family of Binder products! Gecko® is such an important development that it has won the two of the most prestigious international awards for technical innovation. The Gecko® silicon film is modelled on nature’s system for gripping all smooth surfaces. Thanks to Van der Waals forces we … Continue reading Gecko® Nanoplast®