Fastening Systems

Fastening systems: What makes Binder different?

Not all fastening systems are equal, especially when it comes to certifications and safety. But how should you choose a fastening system? And how many exist? Let’s analyse it together.

Binder fastening systems: fix your world

It is truly a unique message to “fix the world” and it is also one of the main purposes of Binder brand products. Gottlieb Binder produces, technical fastening systems that you can open and close repeatedly. There are many applications:

  • industry
  • hygiene
  • automotive
  • medical applications
  • sport
  • buildings
  • interiors

Fastening systems: a definition

But what does “fastening systems” really mean? Have you ever thought that for example a panel doesn’t attach to a wall by itself? Behind it, there is a fastening system. But Interior Design is not the only area of application and for this reason, today we wish to explain, through the description of Binder products, all the areas in which a fastening system can be used. After reading this article, you will discover these systems everywhere.

Fastening systems for personal care

For over twenty years, in the personal care market Binder has been producing micro-closure systems created specifically for the world of baby and incontinence diapers. Fastening systems which have high performance both in peel and shear, with any type of frontal tape and also directly in the back sheets., The name of this product is Microplast®.

# Microplast®

Microplast® is one of the best fastening systems on the market with its hexagonal mushroom, ultra-thin and soft to the touch. It is produced in different widths, in many colors and used in different markets. 

Microplast® can also be used in the industrial sector, e.g. in interior design, and obviously for the closures of baby diapers and adult personal care.

Automotive: fastening systems for the automotive industry 

The world of cars also has its own Binder brand fastening systems. We are sure that, even without realising it, you have personally experienced one of our fastening systems, in the headliner, in the seats or in the mats of your car, as well as many other possible applications. The fastening systems that Binder produces for automotive applications are:

# 1 Duotec®

Duotec® is a one-component interlocking closure. It is also produced in combination with specific clips to allow for a fast, removable and repositionable fastening system for the assembly of various car components.

# 2 mushroom closures

Directly foamable into car seats, the fastening systems with a mushroom-shaped closure: Prestex®, Pressotex® and Microplast®. By using them in production, different geometries can be created in the seats.

# 3 Kletten®

Is there a system that can be used universally, which allows for a high number of opening and closing cycles? Yes, it’s a Binder product called Kletten®. It is used in the transport sector guaranteeing protection from abrasion and anti-vibration and also in the securing of car mats.

Systems for medical applications

We have already talked about Binder systems for the personal care market, but they are also used in medical applications. They are used, for example, in the operating room, medical gowns and measuring instruments? Binder has all the certifications needed. Binder also manufactures a Gecko® Nanoplast® fastening system:

Based on the principle of Van der Waals forces Gecko® Nanoplast® allows magnet-like adhesion to any smooth surface, made of non-toxic silicone, it is not irritating to the skin and is hemocompatible.

Sport: safe and resilient fastening systems

Are you a diver? Have you ever looked at diving suits? Well, Binder fastening systems can be found here too. In sports clothing it is necessary, that the fastening system be resistant to UV rays and in saline environments. In this case Kletten® and Klettostar® Super are the perfect solution.

Buildings and interiors

At the beginning of this article we talked about panels, and how they were “clinging” to the wall thanks to Binder fastening systems. In fact, there are many applications of these systems in the world of Interior Design, such as:

1 tents 

The world of tents is really very large, for example outdoor solar tents, which must have durability and absolute resistance to atmospheric agents. This is why Binder has designed technical open-close fastening systems that allow great resistance, like The Kletten® closure.

2 interior Design 

With Interior Panels it is possible to quickly change the appearance of a room leaving the original walls and ceilings intact. But how can we fasten them? with a reliable fastening system: 

Pressogrip® is an excellent solution for all types of removable panels. 

Microplast®, is particularly suitable for very thin materials 

Both articles can also be used in combination with velour, an ideal product for fastening, even large panels.

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