Design Awards 2020

Binder chosen by Geronimox: German Design Award 2020

Binder products helped Geronimox achieve success at the German Design Awards 2020, with a valuable and highly designed tool roll that contains a reusable strap to fix cables, produced from our Klettostar®.

German Design Award 2020

Every year the world of design meets for a special event: The German Design Awards. An award which is desired by the world’s top talent, it contributes directly to the commercial success of those who win it. Not everyone can participate in this award, only those who are pioneering contributors in the panorama of international design. The prestigious international jury that meets, identifies and presents unique design trends.

There are three categories of award in this event: 

  • Excellent Product Design
  • Excellent Communications Design
  • Excellent Architecture 

Geronimox falls into the category of product design: a made-to-measure tool roll completely produced in Germany. 

Geronimox: don’t just call it a tool roll.

Do you have something to screw, measure, saw or hammer? You can say goodbye to those old and sad toolboxes, now everything is presented in a luxurious ritual. It is with the motto “Made in Germany and the best of everything” that the founders of this start-up Geronimox have developed the tool roll that you can admire in this image. 

With 23 of the best hand tools from German specialists this tool roll is tailor-made for those who love luxury. Made from the highest quality full-grain cowhide, it is worked in a traditional leather factory for luxury brands, near Weimar. 

This company has for more than 30 years produced bags for the best German luxury labels. This guarantees Geronimox quality, history and uniqueness. In addition to the wonderful design concept that won the German Design Award, Geronimox has also created a cover to protect this precious asset. Thanks to this, the bag is completely protected from asphalt, an oily garage floor, rain or mud. 

Construction of Geronimox 

As previously mentioned, Geronimox is handmade by expert craftsmen, in robust cowhide 1.8 to 2 mm thick with a particularly solid fiber structure. There are fiberglass reinforcement’s and the seams are strengthened with extremely tear-resistant, triple fixed multifilament twine: sewn, knotted and sealed. In this exceptional structure there is a reusable Klettostar® cable fastener made by Binder. 

Klettostar®: Binder hook-loop closure

Geronimox truly knows Made in Germany quality, certified and safe, which is why it has chosen to use a Binder fixing system, Klettostar® Binder is among the accessories in the Geronimox tool roll in order to have a strap that can be re-opened and reused many times over to secure cables.

Binder Klettostar® is available with rubber and acrylic based adhesives, also for low energy surfaces, it is heat, ultrasonic and high frequency weldable. Available with fire retardant finishes. The PPS version resists temperatures up to 260 ° C. Its maximum width is about 200 mm and it can be laser cut to obtain a precise shape. Klettostar® resists extreme stresses, even washing at 90°C with aggressive chemical agents! Binder products that give Geronimox added value over time! 

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