Certified quality:our standard !

Gottlieb Binder GmbH & Co. KG develops and manufactures reclosable technical fastening systems with an additional feature. The certification.

Fix your world® with Binder

Since 1798, Gottlieb Binder GmbH & Co. KG remains a family owned company with a focus on strong customer and supplier relationships and our three core values:

  • Certified and constant quality
  • Technological innovation
  • Made in Germany

Binder has been developing and producing reclosable technical fastening systems for many years, such as Duotec®, Microplast®, Klettostar®, Klettolastic® Pressogrip®, Pressotex®, Gecko®-Nanoplast®.

The application of our products

Binder not only produces products for companies with high technical requirements, but you can also find them at home. Our products, in fact, find application in the most diverse sectors: transport, automotive, aeronautics, medical, interior design, orthopaedic, sports, diapers for babies, adult incontinence products, industry and hospital cleaning. All production takes place in Germany, at our historical headquarters in Holzgerlingen and at our production plants in Bretnig and Pulsnitz.

This is another synonym for great quality. We never contract for products that we cannot directly control this guarantees the safety and quality of our fastener system. It’s not just in Germany where you will find Binder. Over many years our dedication to our customers and suppliers has led us to open 16 international offices and subsidiaries providing customer service in all languages.

Let’s talk about quality

For you, the reader, what distinguishes the quality of Binder from other producers of similar materials? The quality and the certification; with this, Binder has achieved its success. To date we have certifications in every area, from the environment to energy, to medical. So that each product is 100% safe for your health.

Let’s learn more:

  • With Quality Management DQS ISO 9001 we guarantee our customers the safe and controlled quality of processes and systems.
  • With Environmental Management DQS ISO 14001 we can guarantee you the constant monitoring of wastewater, air and emissions. Because we respect not only the individual, but also the environment in which our customer lives.
  • With Energy Management DMSZ ISO 50001 we have proven to control and reduce our energy costs and CO2 emissions. In compliance with the limits for the protection of the environment.
  • With DQS Medical products ISO 13485 we enter into medical certification with compliance of the medical standard, for product safety and control. This certification applies to our products: Microplast®, Gecko®-Nanoplast®, Klettolastic®.
  • Children are also protected by our OEKO-TEX® – PRODUCT CLASS I certification. This certifies that our Microplast®, Klettostar® & Gecko®-Nanoplast® fasteners for children’s products are tested and are free of harmful substances. In compliance with the ecological and human legal requirements.
  • Your skin also needs to be protected, which is why we obtained OEKO-TEX® – PRODUCT CLASS II certification. Our products are suitable for direct skin contact. They are free of harmful substances in compliance with the ecological and human legal requirements. You can use our products Klettostar®, Klettolastic®, Aquastar®, Pressogrip®, Pressotex®, Duotec® and Velour secure in the knowledge that you do not risk damaging your skin.
  • With OEKO-TEX® – PRODUCT CLASS IV we have obtained certification for: industrial items. With the control of harmful substances in Compliance with the legal ecological and human requirements. For Kletten® products with a fire-retardant finish