Binder – Elmia Subcontractor

The Elmia Subcontractor is a Scandinavian fair, that took place in November. It’s where the Northern European industry meets. We chose to exhibit at the fair to showcase our new products, contact potential new customers and meet existing ones. For us it was also an opportunity to educate ourselves on the newest trends and products in the industry.
We discovered a widespread and substantial trend to develop and produce sustainable products.

This appeared in different areas of the fair: Production of new products from sustainable and Smart Materials with a minimal ecological footprint.  One example is switching from different plastic materials to cellulose or algae-based filaments for 3-D printing.

Additionally, lightweight materials are sought to reduce weight for example in vehicles with the direct result of reduced emissions. Binder follows these trends and proposes light and super thin fasteners like Microplast® and Gecko® Nanoplast