Gecko®: applications

geckoWe already wrote a lot about this incredible product. We told you that it has 29.000 fastening elements per cm², that it is made of medical-grade silicone, washable and reusable, that it works like a magnet but on every kind of surface: smooth surfaces, metals, glass, plastic, marble etc.  Furthermore, it doesn’t leave any residue when detached.

Its applications are numerous and they gave rise to several innovative and very efficient solutions. We would like to remember you the main applications of the product to refresh your memory and give you some new ideas:

  • In robotics and with pick and place machines: it replaces the vacuum pump and it has been tested for over 1 million cycles.
  • Used on gloves’ fingertips it allows a safe handhold on every smooth, wet or even oily surface.
  • Equipment fastening for transport, fitness and office equipment
  • Interior and furnishing: it can fasten glass furnishing accessories and table tops; it can secure and tighten carpets on smooth floors like marble, ceramic or parquet.
  • Sport: it can be applied on soles to considerably increase stability and balance on smooth surfaces, even in the presence of moisture.
  • Several medical applications of which we already talked about in a specific article.

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