duotec binder

Let’s make it complex!

Don’t worry, we don’t want to complicate your life using our products, on the contrary, we hope to make things easier. That is why we don’t spare any effort to create solutions which will give you many benefits, especially in terms of saving time while using our Binder fasteners.

For example:

We can offer, with our laser cutting, various geometric shapes, even complex ones, with extremely low tolerances. What’s the benefit?  Simple: the product does not have to be moved, it is ready to be used therefore saving time during its installation.

laser cutted hook and loop

In addition to laser cutting, we can pre-cut on a roll all the self-adhesive Binder articles. What’s the benefit? Using a tailor made piece will avoid wasting time, just “peel off” the fastener from the liner which protects the adhesive. (try it to believe it!)


For our customers who have industrial needs, we thought about the “roll changing” problem. Just think about receiving and processing a hundred meters supplied on 25 meter rolls! This means that the operator must mount another roll at every 25 meters, time and money lost. In this case, the problem is easily solved by supplying the material on larger rolls or spools of hundred or even thousand of meters.

hook and loop roll

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