duotec clip family

The Duotec® Clip Family

duotec clipsAs you can understand looking at the photos, we wanted to expand the offer of Duotec®, the single-component fastener. This is the reason why we developed the following clips.

But why?

This is a good question. One day we woke up and thought: but what if we needed to apply Duotec®, for example, to a metal structure? What would we do?  Would we glue it or perhaps find a solution that would give more security? Here you’re then: we’ll show you

1. DUOTEC® Clip with side wings

duotec clip with side wingsAs we said: you have a metal structure, you make a square or round hole, pass through the Duotec® Clip with wings, which are opened once inserted and… there you are! Duotec® is a true single-component fastener, which clips closed like a snap fastener. As its counterpart, you can use another clip or  Duotec® self-adhesive tape.

2. Duotec® Clip with central hole

duotec clip with central holeThis clip is instead very useful when we need to make a open-and-close fastening on the wall or on wood: we make a hole, insert a plug, screw in the clip with central hole with a simple flat-head screw. Done. On the other side, as a counterpart you can use a Duotec® tape fastener or clip.

In addition to these there are many others: spacer clips for surfaces that are out of plumb, with double hole to hold up to 30 kg, sliding clips… Just have a bit of patience, we can’t reveal everything immediately! Follow us and we show you them as we go along…

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