Mushrooms can hold some real surprises

In the article mushrooms, hooks and loops we’ve already told you how the holding power of a fastener changes according to the product it is used on. Today’s article looks again at the world of “mushrooms”, not only because it’s the right season, but above all because closures with this shape offer the opportunity to create fasteners with incredible performance, unknown to many.

In the world of hook and loop fasteners, classic hook and loop fasteners generally come to mind. But for certain applications, there are much better alternatives. The photo alongside shows the magnification in the laboratory of a fastening system based on a mushroom with a velour counterpart. And this is where the topic becomes really interesting:

  1. The micro-mushrooms have a thickness of 1.5mm (approx. half of the classic hook) and can be coupled with thin velour, creating flat closures, which are thin and have excellent holding power, both horizontally and vertically.
  2. Surfaces of large dimensions can be fastened rapidly since the material is 1.5 m. wide!! A unique size for a hook and loop fasteners!
  3. Separation is very easy and repositioning is equally easy.
  4. It’s also possible to save,because less material is needed for the same amount of holding power
  5. And if this wasn’t enough, these products are also self-adhesive.

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