Mushrooms and micro-mushrooms

As written in previous articles, we do not want to give you a new recipe for cooking an unknown category of “micro-mushrooms”, but introduce you to a world of new fasteners: fasteners that are not just small, they are microscopic, almost invisible.

A world of new, very thin fasteners – with a thickness of approximately 1 mm – called Microplast® is now catching on.

One part of the fastener is composed of miniscule interlocking elements, visible almost only with a magnifying glass (the “micro-mushrooms”), the other part is made of very light velours.

Although extremely thin, the holding power is surprising and the fastener withstands numerous opening and closing movements.

micromushroom fasteners
Microplast® Magnification

Indeed, if you look at this magnification under the microscope, you’ll see the hexagonal form of the mushrooms and you’ll easily understand how they can catch the threads of almost any textile material (even ties if you’re not careful!).

 Subtly intelligent application ideas

As always, we’ll give you a few ideas for applications, but imagination knows no bounds and we’ll just give you a few examples.

Do you need a fastener for your packaging?

Look at the photo: on one side is the micro-fastener, on the other the thin velour.

envelope fastener
Microplast® on an envelope

Do you need to hang panels in the constructions field, which requires very thin fastenings?

Here is the solution!

Microplast® on panels
Microplast® on panels

Do you need to close diapers?

Microplast® is the fastener you can find in many diapers in the world.

diaper fastener
Microplast® on diapers

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