Hook and loop with outstanding performance

supermanToday we’re going to talk about a superhero in the field of hook and loop fasteners. A superhero in terms of outstanding performance!

Hook and loop fasteners exist – and naturally Binder produces them – made with high performance polymers, known as SUPERPOLYMERS. One of these is called POLYPHENYLENE SULPHIDE (in short: PPS). The performance is truly incredible, multiple and SUPER!

Let’s see what they possess that is so special more in detail:

  1. Polyphenylene fastener
    Polyphenylene sulphide fastener

    The temperature range: a hook and loop fastener made of this type of material is able to resist a continuous operating temperature of 200°-220°C with peaks even up to 260°C

  2. High chemical inertia
  3. Dimensional stability
  4. Excellent resistance to abrasion
  5. Excellent features of electrical insulation
  6. Very low absorption of H2O

Having said this, you may wonder – where could they be used? Without doubt in a technical context, because the Super qualities of a product are not obviously necessary for everyday applications (and even a super hero will only put himself out in particular situations!). Examples of applications are: insulated sleeves in industrial systems in the presence of extreme heat, industrial filters (and here the feature of chemical inertia could be interesting), insulation.

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