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Gecko®-Nanoplast®: the most technological silicone film in the world

Spider-man would also be interested in Gecko®-Nanoplast®!A few articles ago we introduced our Gecko®-Nanoplast®, the most technological silicone film on the market. But how is it made, and what are its main features?

Innovation and awards: the recognition of German quality

Gecko® silicone film is a very important innovation in the fastening systems market, to the point that it has won some international awards for technical innovation. Gecko® is a very thin silicone film with 29,000 gripping elements per cm2, based on the principle of Van der Waals forces.

It is a fixing system that clings to any smooth surface. It is also washable, but above all reusable and leaves no residue!

It is thanks to its structure that Gecko® silicone film clings to any smooth surface as for example: 

  • glass
  • plastic
  • metals
  • smooth surfaces of all kinds

Innovation and multiple uses

Gecko® silicone film has multiple applications in several sectors, let’s analyse them together:

Medical devices: Gecko® is produced from medical grade silicone therefore non-toxic, very light, very thin and leaves no residue on detachment!    

Body: this very special silicone film is suitable for use on compression garments such as elastic stockings or even on the nose pads of glasses.

Fitness: even if your sport requires a lot of physical effort, without any additional effort Gecko® silicone film can fix your devices (such as a mobile phone) in any position without leaving any residue on detachment.

Robotics: Gecko® silicone film is also used in the world of robotics, thanks to its high grip on smooth surfaces.

Fastening systems

But is Gecko® silicone film the only fixing system with such interesting innovative features? No, we have many others which we talked about in this article. Here you can discover the many other fixing systems, how to apply them and their main features!

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