Gecko® Nanoplast®

Even Spiderman would be interested in the latest creation in the family of Binder products!

Gecko® is such an important development that it has won the two of the most prestigious international awards for technical innovation.

The Gecko® silicon film is modelled on nature’s system for gripping all smooth surfaces. Thanks to Van der Waals forces we get an electrostatic interaction that creates an intermolecular attraction, like a magnet.

gecko nanoplast

Glass, any plastic, metal and also skin to a certain extent: nothing resists the attraction of this new product. If the surface is smooth and compact, it doesn’t matter whether it is wet or oily, it will always be able to grip as if it were a small suction pad.

However, the principle is completely different. Gecko® can even work in a vacuum.

It has multiple uses across all sectors. In the industrial field it replaces the vacuum pump if you need to handle any object; in the medical field it replaces both silicon gels and compression garments; it supports glasses or socks without rash as it is breathable; in the fitness sector it allows you to fasten, without effort, your smartphone or other device in any position so that you can read the screen and then remove it whenever you want without leaving residues.

Another application, with surprising results, is on the mechanical fingers of robots, which allows for greater grip with less expenditure of energy.


Gecko® Nanoplast® is washable, re-usable, and is made of medical silicon; therefore it is fully non irritating for the skin, very light, very thin and leaves no residues when removed!

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