About us – A family company since 1798

After hearing so much about our products and fastening systems, for once we’d like to talk about ourselves!

Did you know that Binder has been operating for over 200 years, and has been a family company since 1798?

Everything began in Germany, in 1798. At that time Binder was a manufacturer of ribbons. How many things have changed since then! Not to mention the new products… But one thing has always remained the same: the production, which has taken place in Germany since 1798. Today, Binder still manages the entire development and production process in the three German sites of Bretnig, Holzgerlingen and Pulsnitz, and from Germany it has conquered the world’s markets.

Having the entire production chain in Germany allows to oversee production to keep a constant quality. This is guaranteed by strict controls and a high level of automation. As always, these Germans are obsessed with quality and want their customers to be well aware of it! For this reason Binder has obtained various certifications from external authorities, which demonstrate how much this value is fundamental:

binder certifications

200 years are a great many, and there have been an equal number of stages along the way. In Binder we are proud of every day that passes developing and producing excellent fastening systems, but there are also some dates that make us even prouder! Here they are:

1959 Licence for the production of hook and loop systems in Germany

1960 Production of mushroom fastening systems

1975 International expansion started

1995 Creation of Duotec®

1996 Development of Microplast®

2011 The production of Gecko® begins

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