Union is strength

Did you know that Binder is specialised in the extrusion of plastic material to be used in combination with its fasteners?

Many people are looking for a way to fasten a plastic profile to a reclosable fastening system.

But what is the problem? They separate from one another. They become detached when there is too much tension, in the presence of water, in damp environments, in heavy duty conditions, with repeated use, etc.

Binder has solved the mystery: they have created a system in which all work is performed with just one integrated production process. This allows the profile and tape to be closed with a holding power that is impossible to achieve with other processes. The precision of extrusion gives the guarantee of a product with constant quality over time.

Our profiles and clips are irreplaceable in the industrial cleaning sector and automotive industry, in window treatments, in interiors and for internal and external panelling, in orthopaedics, in the yachting sector and, in general, in all forms of transport.

In short, there is a Binder profile for any application… and there is a Binder profile for fasteners that you never even dreamed about!

-Are we exaggerating? Try them and see for yourself!

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