Obsessed with sport

Perhaps the saying “Mens sana in corpore sano” (healthy mind in a healthy body) still stands!

Let’s relieve our stress through sport!

But… what have Binder fasteners to do with all this?

It does have something to do with it, because a reclosable fastener is very useful and convenient in clothing or sports accessories, provided that the most suitable fastener for the circumstance is chosen:

bike fastenersOn cycling shoes we often find Klettostar® Super applied to the strap as the hook tape. In fact, this “Super hook” fastener is indicated for those who need excellent holding power even in adverse weather conditions.



water sports fastenersThe same applies to sports equipment in contact with water (canoe, scuba diving…): when wet Klettostar®Super as a hook element is without doubt better performing than standard fasteners, given its composition of polyamide-polyester, a double level of hooks and superior resistance to both cold and heat.

In motorcycling: you know the “protection sliders” on motorcycle suits? In this case, it’s best that the holding power is EXTREMELY HIGH and we recommend using a “mushroom-loop” fastener.

elastic fastenersAnd lastly, don’t forget Klettolastic®, the elastic hook and loop fasteners, which retains its elasticity over time and is ideal as an adjustable fastener for sports clothing and for back support belts when riding motorbikes, etc.

It’s really true that “NOT all fasteners are the same”!

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