NOT all hook and loop fasteners are the same

hook and loop fastenerCertainly, quality is important. But why do we have to worry about the quality of a hook and loop fastener? Simply because when you use one of low or, worse, almost inexistent quality, you’ll soon realise it!

The first thing you’ll notice is that initially the fastener seems excellent and in order the peeling and shearing is ok; in short there’s nothing to complain about. But, after being opened and closed a few times, the loop begins to look like an untidy hedge, in the sense that the threads come up more and more. Obviously the fastener grips increasingly less. Or, the wonderful red colour of your hook and loop fastener begins to fade after a few washes and increasingly becomes an undefinable colour.

Or even, the tape is as rigid as cardboard, and on contact with the skin could cause an allergy.

But instead of reminiscing about bolts, nails and rivets, DON’T let yourself be discouraged: there are much, much better alternatives on the market!

In short, quality in this field exists, can be seen and certified: there are European DIN standards that certify a fastener for a certain number of openings and closings, standards that also guarantee that there are no toxic substances to irritate the skin!!

And then there’s the thread that is used: as in the case of a sweater, the yarns may or may not be of good quality, and even the thread used for weaving a hook and loop fastener is fundamentally important.

In short, before purchasing and finding yourself with an unpleasant surprise, choose a supplier to trust carefully. Even with this item there are enormous differences…

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