Mushrooms, hooks and loops

Hook and loop fastener

Of course, speaking of mushrooms in a blog that deals with technical fastening systems may seem a bit strange. But perhaps not everyone knows that the world of hook and loop fasteners is divided essentially into three macro-categories: the hook and loop fastener, developed for opening and closing numerous times (even up to 5000 times); the mushroom and loop fastener (few closing operations, superior hold); and the velour loop (limited number of closing operations, medium hold).

Mushroom fastener

Therefore: depending on the application, it’s essential to choose the right combination! If, for example, you need to fasten a shoe, the solution is without doubt the hook and loop fastener because you can open and close it numerous times. If instead you wish to fasten a cladding panel at home, the fastening system could be a mushroom and loop fastener. If instead we’re talking about upholstery for a sofa, then the best combination would be a velour loop fastener.

And these are just the macro-categories. Within each we find “specialities” such as, for example, micro-mushrooms, napped loops, super hooks… we’ll present them as we go along!

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