Klettostar® Super. Super? In what way?

Yes, even the hook of a hook and loop tape can be SUPER!

Indeed, if we look closely at the photo, you can immediately see something different: the hook tape is not simply black like the ones we usually know, but black and white! And so, you’ll say. And so, this is the difference:


Klettostar® Super is a hook tape that makes your fastener particular resistant to bad weather. As its counterpart you can easily use the “normal” Klettostar® loop tape, as it’s the hook that makes the difference.

Its polyamide-polyester composition has been especially designed for situations in which there is a direct contact with water, in environments with high humidity, very hot or very cold. Compared to a normal hook, the resistance of the fastener under these conditions is decidedly higher. Klettostar® Super does not lose its grip even at temperatures below -30°C and is resistant to UV rays. For these reasons it is used in a sporting environment, in a nautical context, in scuba diving clothing or in clothing for protection against cold, in tarpaulins exposed to UV rays, in short any situation when something exposed to atmospheric agents needs to be closed.


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