The main problem is that there are too many panels: sound insulating, thermal insulating, wooden, rock, polyurethane, polystyrene, multi-layered and sandwich-shaped coverings, ornamental and backlit panels, the list could go on forever. Each one of them having particular thickness, stance and positional characteristics according to their future use: some are meant for furniture, others are … Continue reading Panel-Fixing

Gecko® Nanoplast®

Even Spiderman would be interested in the latest creation in the family of Binder products! Gecko® is such an important development that it has won the two of the most prestigious international awards for technical innovation. The Gecko® silicon film is modelled on nature’s system for gripping all smooth surfaces. Thanks to Van der Waals forces we … Continue reading Gecko® Nanoplast®

About us – A family company since 1798

After hearing so much about our products and fastening systems, for once we’d like to talk about ourselves! Did you know that Binder has been operating for over 200 years, and has been a family company since 1798? Everything began in Germany, in 1798. At that time Binder was a manufacturer of ribbons. How many things … Continue reading About us – A family company since 1798